Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ares Bringer of War

Ares Bringer of War is the seventh book in a series about the Greek gods by George O'Connor. It follows the gods as they watch the events of the Trojan war. I have to admit, the book started off a little slow. There was way too much narration, which I am not a fan of. The narrator started off explaining the difference between Ares and Athena, both Greek gods of war. Then he talked about what it's like when a soldier is possessed by Ares in the heat of battle. One thing I did like about this beginning is the depiction of the ancient Greek battles, and Ares fighting in the middle of it all.

It started to pick up for me once the prologue was finished. There was a lot less explaining who Ares was and a lot more showing what was happening to Ares. I like that.

My favorite scene in the book is when Athena blesses King Argo with divine strength. During King Argo's godly rampage, Aphrodite reaches down from the heavens to save one of her demigod children from King Argo's wrath, but he stabs her through the arm and continues with his bloody work. I like this scene because it is the first time in the series that we learn that the gods can be wounded by mortals. It makes them more relatable.

The art in this is one of my favorite things about the book. The characters are beautiful and the landscapes are epic in proportion. The noses of the characters are very specifically drawn. I have never seen noses drawn the way they are in this book. They look like upside down shields.

I personally think that Ares Bringer of War is pretty PG. The violence is not very bloody, there are no sexual innuendos, and the language is clean as a whistle. I would definitely recommend that you read Ares Bringer of War if you happen to find it in your local bookstore. If you find the other Olympians books, you should get them as well I would give Ares Bringer of War 6 vicious hoplites out of ten.  

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  1. Nice review Ive readpreviosolympian books didnt know he had a second series :D totally gonnalookthis up

  2. Hi Milo. My boys just read your review and we are wondering if this book would be good for an 8 and 11 year old. It seems like it might be a bit violent for the younger boy. Thanks! They love your reviews!

    Caroline S.

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